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IJENKO has announced today the launch of its new platform IoE2 designed to bridge the worlds of Internet of Energy and Internet of Things. IoE2 enables service providers in the smart home sector to deliver augmented consumer experiences by leveraging multiple smart home and device ecosystems.

The Internet of Things (IoT) wave is boosting the smart home market with predictions of about 200 million smart households by 2018 (source: 2014 Strategic Analytics). At the same time, global digital brands are investing heavily in connected homes consumers products and ecosystems, B2C distribution models and new IoT alliances. These create a huge opportunity for consumers to benefit from advanced and appealing user experiences in their daily life. With the IJENKO IoE2 platform, Energy and Communication service providers can now build and deliver value across those various ecosystems and verticals, create an augmented and unified customer experience, and grow their upstream business value thanks to increased consumer stickiness and use of the services.

Based on open cloud technologies and a complete set of APIs, the IJENKO IoE2 platform enables service providers to deliver end user services in the field of energy management and home automation using low-power devices such as Zigbee, EnOcean and others, as well as IP devices and services. With IJENKO’s IoE2 , service providers can have their own services and devices interact with other IoT devices, platforms or frameworks such as IFTTT, Thread, Homekit, OIC, AllJoyn, and allow developer communities to create unified services and applications.

For Serge Subiron, CEO of IJENKO, “The Internet of Things wave fueled by internet, mobile and B2C brands is a massive opportunity for Energy and Communications Services Companies, if they act strategically. This momentum allows them to build on the strong interest of consumers for connected devices in the home and develop innovative services, stickiness, and business value.” He adds “Service Providers should surf the wave, and not fight against it! We are proud to demonstrate the power of the Internet of Energy combined with the Internet of Everything, what we call the IoE2, at EUW14 in Amsterdam. By using our context-aware Platform, Service Providers can propose unified and enhanced user experiences with their own smart home services and grow in this non-commodity open world.”

At European Utility Week 2014 (Hall 4 F14), IJENKO is demonstrating use cases for its IoE2 platform, including the interaction with best-seller devices such as nest, Hue, DLink, LG watch and Kinect from the latest Intel® Puma 6 Gateway.

About IJENKO: IJENKO is the reference Platform combining the value of the Internet of Energy and the Internet of Everything for Service Providers to deliver augmented consumer experiences in the smart home.

We help both Energy and Communications service providers as well as Consumer Electronics Brands develop new consumer eco-systems and distribution models. We integrate and pilot IP and non IP devices in the home, making sense of personal and aggregated data for superior user experiences and social & business value.

We innovate continuously to unify Internet of Everything clouds and services within context-aware distributed software intelligence. This enables the development of an easy, useful digital life in the home, respectful of human control.

IJENKO press contacts:
Arnaud Versaveaud

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Back to the Launch party of Xperience, IJENKO smart heating solution

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On June the 11th, IJENKO was proud to present to the press and its ecosystem Xperience, IJENKO smart heating solution.

A keynote of twenty minutes allowed Serge Subiron, co-founder of IJENKO to show how this solution meets the needs of users and also provided new opportunities to utilities or system integrators.

Launch Party of Xperience, IJENKO Smart heating solution from Ijenko on Vimeo.

A « enhanced »Xperience  of residential heating, but always under human control 

His analysis is based on the following observation: Current smart heating solutions allow remote control without any machine intelligence, or alternatively rely on intelligence without (human) control. With Xperience, IJENKO is giving control to users, anywhere and anytime, and offers them analysis tools as a simple way of optimising their comfort at the lowest cost. This service allows users to naturally programme and manage various heating systems (boilers, radiators) which, until now, were seen as complex and diverse technical tools.

IJENKO is bringing the Internet of Things to manage the majority of gas, oil and wood-fired boilers across Europe using a new smart thermostat. The device can replace any standard « all or nothing » room thermostat (with remote or on-board sensors for radio connection to boilers). An OpenTherm+ version is also available for proportional control boilers. In addition, Xperience incorporates a multi-zone heating system with thermostatic heads for hot water radiators.With Xperience, family lifestyle and comfort naturally control smart home heating at any time. Xperience provides unified, adjustable and self-learning management of heating systems within the home whilst allowing users absolute control over the fundamental decisions on how to optimise their comfort, depending on the thermal inertia of their household.

Finally, Xperience makes the link between heating and energy use, drawing on IJENKO’s renowned expertise in terms of active energy measurement and efficiency.

IJENKO, a B2B platform, offers technical tools to service providers (API – programming interfaces, mobile and web interfaces, connected objects) so that they can create, under their brand name, an « improved » Xperience of heating for their customers. Already having been adopted by large industrial groups such as Toshiba through its European PLUZZY offer, Xperience is offered as a service by IJENKO under its own brand name.

TOSHIBA and PLUZZY, the first offering based on Xperience of IJENKO 

IJENKO warmly thanks TOSHIBA and Alain Kergoat for his intervention during the keynote. He was able to show concretely the reality of a smart heating offer based on PLUZZY solution available soon in many physical and online retailers   in France.

Alain Kergoat also announced the launch of PLUZZY PRO, a special offer for installers, heating engineers who can provide all the support and service to the end user on some specific configurations.

IJENKO also thanks all the participants for the interest they have shown during this launch party.  We are looking forward  in October to the first heating season;-)




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Soirée de Lancement Xperience, le service de chauffage intelligent d’IJENKO

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Le 11 juin dernier, IJENKO était fier de présenter à la presse et à son écosystème sa solution Xperience de chauffage intelligent.

Une keynote d’un vingtaine de minutes a permis à Serge Subiron, co-fondateur d’IJENKO, de montrer en quoi cette solution répondait aux besoins des utilisateurs et offraient également de nouvelles possibilités.

Launch Party of Xperience, IJENKO Smart heating solution from Ijenko on Vimeo.

Une Xperience « augmentée » du chauffage résidentiel, mais toujours sous contrôle humain

Son analyse repose sur le constat suivant : les solutions « smart heating » existantes permettent un contrôle à distance sans intelligence machine, ou bien s’appuient sur une intelligence sans contrôle (humain). Avec Xperience, IJENKO donne le contrôle à l’utilisateur, partout et à tout instant, et lui présente les axes d’analyse pour qu’il puisse optimiser son confort au meilleur coût, simplement. Ce service permet à l’utilisateur de programmer et piloter de manière naturelle des systèmes de chauffage différents (chaudières, radiateurs) vécus jusqu’à alors comme des outils techniques complexes et hétérogènes.

IJENKO s’appuie sur l’Internet des Objets pour piloter la plupart des chaudières à gaz, fioul, bois, en Europe à partir d’un nouveau thermostat intelligent qui peut remplacer tout thermostat d’ambiance « tout ou rien » (avec relais déporté pour un raccordement radio à la chaudière ou intégré). Une version OpenTherm+ est également disponible pour les chaudières à régulation proportionnelle. Au-delà, Xperience intègre un pilotage du chauffage en multizones avec des têtes thermostatiques pour radiateurs à eau».

Avec Xperience, c’est le mode de vie de la famille et son confort qui pilotent naturellement à tout instant le chauffage intelligent du foyer. Grâce à cette approche, Xperience propose une gestion unifiée, adaptative et auto-apprenante des usages des utilisateurs au sein du foyer tout en leur laissant le contrôle sur les choix fondamentaux d’optimisation de leur confort, en fonction de l’inertie thermique de leur foyer.

Enfin, Xperience fait le lien entre le chauffage et la consommation d’énergie, en s’appuyant sur l’expertise reconnue d’IJENKO en matière de mesure et d’efficacité énergétique active.

IJENKO, plateforme B2B, offre ainsi les outils techniques aux fournisseurs de services (Interfaces de programmation – API, interfaces mobile et web, objets connectés) pour qu’ils créent, sous leur marque, une Xperience «augmentée » du chauffage pour leurs clients. Déjà adoptée par de grands groupes industriels comme Toshiba à travers son offre européenne PLUZZY, Xperience est proposée « as a service » par IJENKO en marque blanche.

TOSHIBA et PLUZZY, la 1ère offre basée sur Xperience d’IJENKO

IJENKO remercie chaleureusement TOSHIBA et Alain Kergoat pour son intervention lors de cette keynote. Celle-ci a pu montrer très concrètement la réalité d’une offre de chauffage basée sur la solution PLUZZY et bientôt disponible chez de nombreux distributeurs physiques et online en France.

Alain Kergoat a annoncé également le lancement de PLUZZY PRO, offre destinée aux installateurs, chauffagistes qui pourront apporter tout l’accompagnement et le service auprès de l’utilisateur final sur certaines configurations.

IJENKO remercie également tous les participants pour l’intérêt qu’ils ont montré lors cette soirée de lancement. Rendez-vous vous maintenant en Octobre pour la 1ère saison de chauffe ;-)



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