At the end of 2015, we were pleased to share with you the IJENKO new developers’ site, our IoE² Data model and API structure, explaining how it can help you build an amazing customer experience.

We are happy to announce that you can now start creating end-user applications using the IoE² API.


Create value with powerful tools

The API enables you to:

  • manage the users and account information,
  • collect data (energy consumption, presence events, etc.) from all the Smart home functionalities managed by the IoE² Platform,
  • send advanced actions to pilot the different devices,
  • create powerful interacting applications using the /program services for a seamless and augmented user experience.

Example of a service using the IoE² API

Partners has already started using services created on the top of the IoE² API.

The “Solar management” widget provides the following data:

  • Total household usage in kWh, in a daily, monthly and yearly view,
  • Total local solar production in kWh, in a daily, monthly and yearly view,
  • Power sent to the grid (Feed-In) in kWh and currency, in a daily, monthly and yearly view,
  • Power withdrawn from the grid in kWh and currency, in a daily, monthly and yearly view.

The widget is responsive and adapts to 3 frames: Web, tablet and smartphone:

Web widget

Web display


Tablet display


Smartphone display


You are keen to start, and need a developer kit? Contact us or drop us a direct email :

We would love to hear from you about any feedback and how we can make the experience more exciting and valuable for you.